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Kars Developments was established as a contracting company in 2015 and has carried out many projects since its establishment.

Founded by Nurullah Yıldız in 2015, Kars Developments has managed to provide the best service to its customers, without compromising product and service quality, and to become a pioneer and leader in the sector by using its productive and innovative aspect, with its expert and experienced staff.

Kars Developments provides fast and unique service to its customers with its innovative technology solutions. Many projects within the framework of the leading superstructures of our island have been included among its references. We carry the justified pride of our successful projects and the young and dynamic energy that has not been lost since the first day, with confident steps into the future.

Exterior 86 %
Interior 72 %
Layout 65 %
Design 78 %

Mission & Vision

Our vision; As Kars Developments family, we are aware of our responsibility. To create economic value in order to be the best in the sector with our expert team, by standing out with our quality.

Our Mission; The work experience we have gained in many parts of our island, at the same time, by being open to innovations and developments, we aim to deliver our projects in the best way, error-free and on time, and to deliver solid and qualified work.
To produce the most reliable service

Our team

The staff of our company is fully equipped with qualified builders, designers, engineers, tile makers. All have extensive experience in successful implementation of various projects.

Oliver Johnson CEO Company
Amanda Fox Architect
David Pattinson Foreman
Emily Theron Engineer
Jacob Clooney Engineer
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Robert Wilson Builder
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+90 548 835 9265

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