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Three types of Villas.


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Kars Development

Kars Developments was established as a contracting company in 2015 and has carried out many projects since its establishment.

Kars Developments provides fast and unique service to its customers with its innovative technology solutions. Many projects within the framework of the leading superstructures of our island have been included among its references. We carry the justified pride of our successful projects and the young and dynamic energy that has not been lost since the first day, with confident steps into the future.


We regularly expand the range of services to make our customers feel comfortable.

Cosmetic repairs

  • Plastering of walls;
  • Replacement of lamps;
  • Floor sanding;
  • Painting the facade.
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Major repairs

  • Dismantling of old coatings;
  • Replanning;
  • Replacement electrician;
  • Laying tiles.
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House construction

  • Registration of documents;
  • Foundation filling;
  • Construction of walls;
  • Finishing works.
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Design project

  • Analysis of your needs;
  • Creating a 3D project;
  • The selection of furniture;
  • The finish work.
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Auxiliary House

  • Selection of location;
  • Creating a layout;
  • Metarial selection;
  • House construction.
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Frame house

  • Choosing the best solution;
  • Making a guarantee;
  • Free delivery;
  • The finish work.
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Pool Construction

  • Excavation works;
  • Waste collection;
  • Pool construction;
  • Pump installation.
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Our Projects

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Free consultation

Our specialists will calculate the cost of the selected works for you, as well as answer additional questions.


High quality

We value our reputation, so we treat each order responsibly and achieve the highest possible results.


Reasonable prices

Home improvement works are expensive, but fortunately we know how to reduce their cost.



Long-term guarantees are provided for all types of work, because we are confident in their quality.


Individual approach

We successfully select solutions for our clients that best suit their budget and listen to their wishes.


Transparent prices

You always know what you are paying for: the estimate shows the cost of all work, without hidden fees.

Liva Homes

This floor plan is suitable for most people, has a large bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and a spacious terrace.

Total area
146 m²
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